April 9, 2014

spring fever and a whole lotta updates

Oh hi! So besides the fact that summer is in 3.5 weeks and it's a high of 93 today in Arizona, March and April brought some pretty fun adventures! Spring break was the best. Mainly because there was no school and I got to play with Jason a whole lot. We hiked fossil springs in AZ, it was gorgeous! If you ever hike it, go down the springs for a while till you find a cave. Cause it's worth it. The cave is surrounded by crystal clear aqua-teal colored water. 

I also was lucky enough to design for a couple of awesome clients! Lexi, Paige,  Golden Rule Salon and a wedding announcement for an amazing couple! Here are some of the designs:

If you like what you see and you are looking for a good price on design, check out my portfolio here for pricing and all that good stuff

This last weekend was General Conference. Jason and I wanted to go super bad and watch it live in SLC Utah so we did. The drive was treacherous per usual. BUT we got to see Kaesi, Shaney, Britt and some other family & friends. It made the 10 hour drive worth it. Barely. ;) General conference was a real treat and all I gotta say is the leaders of the LDS church know what they're talkin about. word.  We drove up with another couple and they're great, too! check it out:

AND las but not least, if you're a commoner on reading the ole' blog, you know how terrible baddly I want/need my hair to grow LONG. I've been taking this special hair skin and nails stuff and here are my results from using them for a week:

I'm going to be taking the supplements for a total of 3 months and I will keep posting results. It's stuff you can't buy at the store so if you're interested in more info on them email me and I will fill you in! I'm hoping my hair keeps growing and growing so I can have Rapunzel hair in 3 months. wish me luck!

{ kah_andace@yahoo.com }


March 3, 2014

Just a little something

Oh, hey! So these past couple weeks have been all sorts of crazy and all sorts of good. Probably one of the best things was Jason's birthday! He is a valentines baby which is finneee by me. I'm totally happy celebrating his birthday on the day of love. It suits him well :) He made me a delish dinner and we picnicked at the place of our very first date way back in 2010! He has this thing with wood. Wood phone case, wood Mica watch, he just loves it! So one day, he texted me a website linking to a wood tie. Sooo, as birthday's have it, I decided to give him one to complete his wood collection of things.  

Jason just got a job coaching a JV high school volleyball team and I wanted to get him something for it sooo bad. I stumbled upon these insanely ahhh-mazing notepads from tiny prints.

(notice Jason's wood watch haha) Anyways, I was so obsessed with his "coach shiflet" notepad that I got one for myself, the love notes one. I love the paint effect!!! Now he can write notes to his team or their parents if he has to and he has that sahh-weet notepad to do so. I'm so smart ;) haha kidding, but seriously, I think I am way more obsessed with these than he is.

I got him a couple other go pro accessories and stuff but those are kinda boring so I didn't take a picture of them (extra batteries and a mount thing blah blah blah)

Spring break is 1 week away, my friends. ONE WEEK. School has been exceptionally crazy this semester so I cannot wait to take an entire week break off from it. 

Happy Monday!


Tie found here, Notepads found here

February 12, 2014

a post on spray tannning.

alright, alright, let's get the elephant out of the room before we start. And by we, I mean I. Spray tanning rocks. It isn't gross. and it's 100 times healthier than bed tanning. And THAT is coming straight from a girl who has worked in 3 tanning salons and has been tanning in beds since age 15 (that's right, me, people) At times, I have binge tanned, or, to be politically correct, I was... tanorexic...! I just really enjoy being tan, okay? Okay. Well, since I have grown a little older and a teeny bit wiser, I started realizing that I won't have wrinkle free skin forever. And though being tan is one of my favorite things, I recently decided to look into spray tanning. I LOVE the look of spray tans. 

I do tan in a bed still pretty rarely. Usually if I get any acne, a bed tan will kill it so that is pretty much the only reason I get in a bed anymore, and to keep at least a LITTLE base tan so I am not pitch white without spray tan.

This is what people think of when they hear the words "Spray Tan"

What a spray tan looks like (Unless you bought really crapy self tanner or there was rare case of bad solution at a salon):

Anyways, this is not a sponsored post, no company asked me to boost their product. This is coming from a girl who looked and tested some salon spray tans and self tanners and I just wanna share my favorite and cheapest way to stay tan!

the best stuff ever^^^ fake bake airbrush self tanner.

This stuff rocks! It lasts me like 2.5 months but I usually just spray my face, neck/chest area and arms. It retails for like $35 but I get it from amazon for around $15!  Or on ebay it can be cheap. Sometimes there are better deals than other times. Here's a good deal for some that I just found: here

Anyways, I wanna do a before and after post and show you how to get the most from this stuff and how to avoid streaks and any random tan dots and stuff. And I wanna post the pros and cons of this stuff. It's the best stuff I've found (minus a professional airbrush tan, but those can get pricy)  I just wanted to share for now :) 

February 3, 2014

avoiding homework

I have lots of homework and design work to do, but since I've been working on it for the past 3 hours, I decided to blog instead. Sorry in advanced to my bed tonight for neglecting it because I'll be busy finishing what I'm avoiding right now. aka the above mentioned.

Dating all the way back to MLK day, Jason had the brilliant idea to spend the day off going quading. smart boy, i'd say. So we rounded up some friends and went! 

I'm not one to post kissing pictures. It actually goes against everything I believe in [till like, engagement pictures are taken, then I think it's totes cool]. BUT this one is really cute. like, pinterest worthy. ya know? and I couldn't not post it. so there ya have it. Also, don't let that sun deceive you. On the way down the mountain, it was super chilly and cold. Poor Jason only had that short sleeve shirt to keep him warm. 

Next order of business, snowboarding. Some friends planned a trip and invited Jason and I to come along.  Summary of my snowboarding skills- go down mountain heel side for 5 seconds. fall. repeat. fall on purpose because calves are killing me. get up. repeat. Everyone else's snowboarding skills- go down mountain switching from heel side to toe side every .2 seconds. never fall. regret saying they'd do the run with me. do tricks on the rail things. repeat. It was super fun, though, and I knew I'd fall a lot so it wasn't a big disappointing surprise or anything haha 

I'm still nannying and doin school and all the normal stuff people my age typically do, nothin crazy. I'm already counting the days to summer (97 days) and can't wait to finish this semester and go to ASU next fall. Community college is seriously just like the jr. high of grown up school. It's an awkward point of going to a small college and trying to finish up asap to get to a real live university so I can graduate and work in design and not have school ever again. yayy! Welp happy monday!


January 15, 2014

back to school... and blogging

School is back once again, my friends. Always bittersweet on account of 1.) I need school so I can be filthy rich someday (or just doing good enough cause let's get real here) 2.) back to the swampy halls of MCC and waking up at the crack of dawn. 3.) those are pretty much the biggest pros and cons. or i guess the pro and con. 

And here is my first day of school selfie. I went in the bathroom and tried to take a decent photo but literally everytime I'd get just the right angle and stuff someone would walk in and I'd have to snap it quick so I didn't get caught taking bathroom selfies. So here it is:

ha my face is covered but the outfit is all that matters anyways! 

Here's some fun facts:
-I have class everyday starting at 8am

That fact wasn't actually very fun.

Anyways, still nannying for the boys! Perk to nannying: I have seen Frozen twice with them. They like it and I like it so it's a win win for all of us. I think everyone should see it cause it seriously is so good. and those songs, ya know? they are just spot on. so of course I have the soundtrack! Here's a personal fave:

anddd some meme's from the byu facebook page. they get me every time

this is me every fast sunday^^^

anyways, that is basically the updates for my life. Just the usual work and school. Which is good, but nothin crazyyyyy. Oh! Craig (the twin) is NOT leaving to go back up to BYU Idaho (thank heavens) so I'm sure we'll have some good ole twin adventures comin up real soon!


November 20, 2013

i'm in a photo class.

For my photo class final project I decided to photograph my pretty roomies. also, just so we're clear, I don't consider myself a "photographer" this was for reals only for a class. just cause there's like a mill photographers out there and I don't wanna be in that group. I wanna be in the "this was for school group" cause it's way more hipster, right?

My final final was to make either a book of pictures (boring) a website of pictures (boring and easy) or a video incorporating pictures and video. I chose number 3 because 1. I haven't made a video in ages and I LOVE making videos, 2. because I got my super cool brother to film for us, and 3. cause no one else in the class is making a video. I like to be different, ya know? It was really fun to edit the footage and try to make the music and pictures fit in nicely and all that jazz. Here's the video:

anyways, they're pretty. also, t-minus like 3 weeks till school is out! Blessed be the DAY my friends.


November 5, 2013

catchin' up.

waddup world. It's been a while. Here is a quick catch up of my life. goin wild and adding photos WITH descriptions.

First things first, the roommates and I have been wanting roommate pictures since the dawn of time, so we finally got them done! By our talented friend, Taylor. He's only a student but his talent is basically pro. And the best part is, all we had to do was bribe him with kneaders french toast and BOOM. awesome photographer.

those are my favorite little sweeties right up there ^^

Next order of business, it's safe to say Kelsey and I are obsessed with the movie 'the great gatsby' so naturally, we dressed up as daisy and jordan from the movie for halloween.

Next order of business, I cut my hair! Nothin out of the usual. I cut it last October about this length, too. I've been tryin and tryin to grow it out and even wearing extensions 90% of the time. BUT somewhere between now and last october, the layers in my hair were crazy butchered. Like some were crazy short and some were pretty long. I was like wtf hair, you suck. so I cut the length to finally match the butched layers. I'm HOPING this will actually make all my hair grow at relatively the same length and not look weird and uneven like it did, and thus the growing my hair out like a normal human being voyage continues. wish me luck! This is basically the only picture I have so far with it cut (I'm not real big on selfies) so here ya go

this picture is of me n the roomiez fishin with some pals at basically midnight last weekend. it was a real treat but I didnt even catch anything. ughhh. 

last week I bought a car! I've been saving for ages and FINALLY bought one! i thought I'd be driving my grandpa car till I was a real live grandma but, thank heavens, i swallowed my fear of big purchases and bought a 2012 toyota corolla. and I loveee ittttt tonssssss

and last but not least, here is my proud nanny moment with the sweetest little sweetie you'll ever see. Ryder went to about 985943534 halloween parties. not even kidding. (fyi I only went to one this year so you tell me who is cooler) (hint: ryder is) and he had a different costume for each party haha it was so cute! here is one of us before he dashed off to one of his MANY parties.

welp, there's an update for ya! school is out for a MONTH break in 5 weeks and, lemme tell ya, I could cry of happiness. cry. I can't wait for this semester to be over and to be free for an entire month before school decides to start up again.peace homies.