March 25, 2015

Tempe & babies

So aside from all the crazyness last weekend brought, it also brought some awesome things! My cousin, Brittany, & her boyfriend, Jordan, came to town! It was a super short visit but I was so glad we got to spend time with them before they had to leave.
 We wandered around Tempe, ate some breakfast at Ncounter (that place is for reals SO good! I ordered way too much food because the portions are pretty huge) and just walked Mill Ave a little. We took this photo and I am kind of obsessed with it and super impressed that it turned out so well! I mean, Cam's eyes are closed but he still looks like he could easily grace the pages of like vogue or 17 or something. Easy. Cause you know how when you ask a random stranger to take a picture for you and usually your head is cut weird or the lighting looks crazy or basically your bad side happens to be facing the camera? Maybe that's just me... but anyways, here is the picture taken by a talented random stranger:

My sister in law, Tani, had a birthday party/ gender reveal party on Sunday. I am so excited to have another little running around because Chris and Tani make really cute babies. It would be selfish for them to stop ;)

I totally guessed it would be a girl! Aren't they the cutest family?? This picture is so misleading because Brielle is seriously the smiliest little sweetie I know!! I'm so excited and I can't WAIT for baby to be born!!

March 23, 2015


Happy Monday Folks.
This last weekend was so so so busy! I was almost looking forward to Monday because I was ready for the weekend to wrap up. I know, I sound crazy right now. The craziness included being apart of the Mint Market Boutique and a littles weekend with the kids I nanny.
I was pretty excited about the Mint Market! A ton of awesome vendors were there (like I mentioned in the last post) and it was really cool to meet so many of the ladies I talk to on instagram. The internet is a crazy thing how I can "know" people and I haven't even met them yet. I think I did pretty good at the boutique because I have to restock a lot for this upcoming weekend's boutique, Vintage Charm! I won't know for sure how well I hope I did until we get all of our tags back from the people who hosted the boutique. Here is what our setup looked like:
Our worst nightmare came true when Arizona decided to RAIN. I live in a state that holds records for NOT raining and of course, it rained! And as you can see, we were outside in a dirt/rock area. Two things that mix a little too well with rain. Luckily my sister in law (who I shared a booth with) was able to get to our stuff before the rain and cover everything with a few tarps and our stuff was magically all DRY!!! Thankfully. Wood + rain= :'( . Wood+rain+TARP= :DDDDDDDDD (lots of double chins with that smile)

Littles weekend was great! just crazy with trying to keep up with the Mint Market stuff & keep two toddlers happy and smiling. HUGE shout out to Jason for helping so much with the boys! I literally would have died and then revive myself so I could get back to work had I been on my own this weekend! Yeah, yeah that is pretty dramatic but that's the truth! This post is already way too long for even my attention span so I'll write more highlights about this weekend later!


March 19, 2015

busy busy busy

Oh hey!

We have been oh so busy! Jason works basically full time and goes to school full time while I have 534867889 different jobs and have a night class.

Last week I started my new job as a receptionist at Okland Construction! I was pretty excited to work there mainly because they built the Gilbert temple (and a million other temples!) Jason and I got married in the Gilbert LDS Temple so I will always especially love that place.  shoutout to Lexi & Tyler Camp for helping me get that job, you guys are the best!

This week has been (aka is) kinda nuts, I have a boutique going on right now for Framed (my wood signs) so late nights have been inevitable. Luckily I found a website that has every bachelor/bachelorette episode ever so it's some prime entertainment while I make signs all day everyday. If you're an AZ local, go check out the Mint Market boutique! Besides my signs, there's clothes, FOOD (enough said), jewelry, bags, basically everything you could ever want in life is as this place. I worked the registers this morning and it took everything in me not to ditch my duties and empty our bank account at this place. (please don't tell J) (thank you)

I'm sharing a space with my oh so talented sister in law, Kristen! She makes such cute stuff and SUCH  CUTE holiday items! So around Christmas time, you NEED to be her friend and check out all of her cute things! ps I realize the arrows are pointing the wrong way in that photo haha I erased them before open today.

This weekend is also a littles weekend! Aka the family I nanny for is going out of town so I have their two little guys Friday-Sunday! Luckily Jason and I moved into a 3-bedroom condo so we have a little guest room for the kids & some toys stocked in the closet to keep them occupied!

Wish me luck this weekend. and for the rest of my life #busy4life


December 4, 2014

It's been a while

Well well well, what do we have here? Me coming to dust off my blog. Apparently when you get married, you get really busy all of a sudden. Also, when you decide to make wood signs for people, you get even more busy. Wood signs? Whhhat? You read right. It all started when Jason made me this chalkboard: 

This beauty of a thing Jason made all on his own! Well, the frame was already made, but he made the actual chalk board part as a surprise! When he made that, we thought "hey... maybe we could actually make this a thing and make chalk boards and sell them and be rich and famous!!"

So we made a few chalk boards and I put them on the ol' facebook. {Jason really does call facebook THE facebook. Kind of like how my dad says spongeBOB, like as two separate syllables} 

I made an instagram page for them and decided to call the mini-business Framed. Cause the chalk boards would be in frames and I wanted to try to be all trendy n stuff. Anyways, I decided to let pinterest run my life and got myself a new idea! Wood signs! Some lady posted a sign that she made and how she did it and I decided that I wanted a sign and I wanted to have a cute house with a cute sign.

Long story short, I made a wood sign and decided to put it on the Framed instagram page just to see if it would be popular. Then, I posted it on a couple facebook pages and it blew up! I started getting like 2-4 orders a day! It was the hugest blessing EVER and I don't know why I'm blogging instead of catching up on sign making...

Anyways, that is the story of Framed. And I wanted to blog. And signs are my life right now so that's why this topic was chosen. If you'd like to see what the fuss is all about, click here or check out the instagram page @frameddecor. 

Here's some of the signs we've been doing lately:

September 22, 2014

officially a Shiflet

Guys. I am officially a Shiflet! I always hear of people who wait 2+ years to change their last name and I didn't wanna wait soooo I went ahead and did it as soon as I could :) (ps waiting a long time isn't a bad thing, I just decided to get the process done so I wouldn't run into any problems in the future with having 2 maybe last names)  It just takes a lot of pointless waiting in pointless places so that a rep can take 2 minutes to legally change your last name. 

So Arizona decided to change their license design. Just gotta say, whoever designed it clearly has no taste. Because they are pretty ugly. That above isn't the design, it's my copy until mine comes in the mail in like 2 weeks. But trust me, the new design ain't pretty. The plus side is that Arizona licenses still don't expire for like 100 years after you get them in the first place :)

Anyways, that's pretty much the highlight of the day! Cause I'm official!!

the shiflets

September 14, 2014

1.5 months in & some wedding pictures

We got our wedding pictures back last week!! I checked the mail every single day since our photographer told us he was sending them out on a thumb drive. I love them all! Jason and I are really happy with them and we are soooooo glad Tyson (photographer) got some really good candid shots of the people we love most! 

We are 1.5 months into this whole marriage thingy and it's pretty much the greatest. Obviously I have my share of melt downs (because I'm new to this and cause I'm a girl) but those are nothing compared to the happiness Jason brings into my life. I know people ALWAYS say this but honestly, I really don't know what the heck I would do without Jason! What did I do without Jason? Besides watch mary-kate & ashley movies all the time.... who even knows!!

Anyways, it's still weird to be like WE are MARRIED! Us! to EACH OTHER! weird in a good way haha. I love it a whole lot. It's the coolest. And the advice I have to anyone who isn't married (i'm no pro but this is good advice I promise) is never ever settle for anyone but the best. Cause you really will know (or have a pretty good hunch) that he's the one when he really is the one. Heavenly Father wouldn't have it any other way.

Also, a HUGE thank you to alll the wonderful people who helped, especially for both mine and Jason's parents. Literally couldn't have done it without all of the people who helped decorate, make food, come to all the wedding stuff, etc. THANK YOU. You all know who you are and we love you guys SOO MUCH!

K, enough words, onto the pictures :) We got a lot back but here are some favorites:

this one makes me melt every time I see it ^^^^^^

seeing my dress for the first time everrrrr ^^^

my face is the same in these two pictures haha

one of Jason's favorite pictures ^^^

trying to re-create the picture we took like this at Chris's wedding :)

our guest book

this baby is A MODEL. and this picture is one of my favorites. Both their tongues are sticking out and they're both the cutest humans in this world.

if you need an amazing cake maker, lemme know because Terri (who made ours, obviouslyyy) is the BEST!

first dance to Taylor Swift's Crazier :)

surprised dad with a beatles song he LOVES. needless to say, we both cried.

when J and I looked at this one, we thought it was funny I used 2 hands to shove cake into his mouth. 

pictures taken by tyson french photography  flowers by Ellen Cake by Terri Stump (email for information) Dress by Maurine Huston (email for information) Decorations by Shabby Chic Weddings

one more of this cutie. seriously please bless our kids are half as cute as my nieces & nephews.

Thanks for looking at alllll those pictures (if you made it this far) :)
All of our wedding pictures can be found here

Anyways, we are still alive and we love each other a bunch and life is real good.

the shiflets